Intro to Hashtag Marketing


The use of social media platforms as an instrument for marketing has become of vital importance, as it allows audiences to engage. Hashtag marketing being a noteworthy strategy.

It is a method frequently employed by businesses. Think of it as your signature. A concise slogan you include when sharing content.

So how does one effectively implement a strategy as such?

It depends on the platform you’re using. For instance, any more than 2 hashtags on Twitter can lead to a negative effect on your engagement; however, you can use up to 10 hashtags on Instagram before engagement subsides.

But what use does it serve?

It’s a way to let you know what people think of your company. A way to reach further, where one’s audience can, in a sense, be limitless.

There are 5 main strategies of Hashtag Marketing:

1. Brand Hashtags- a short sophisticated slogan created to build a discussion revolving around your brand. Allowing you to find out what users think, as they would be speaking to their followers and other users. A way to enhance your strategy could be through promotional contests. E.g. the person with the most shared posts that include your hashtag would win a prize.

2. Trending Hashtags- this particular strategy opens up doors. By sharing content through a trending hashtag, your content will have the opportunity of being seen by a lot more than just your followers. So try attaching some humor to your content.

3. Chat Hashtags- a method that is popular on Twitter, which you can use to chat with users that show interest. Giving you instant feedback. A strategy that would enable you to inform people all about your ideas.

4. Content-Reflecting Hashtags- this form of hashtag marketing is not specific to your brand. Ergo, it doesn’t have to be either popular or trending. E.g. including #digitalmarketing would be perfect if you’re a digital marketing agency. Users may, therefore, come across your post, should they be looking for the words you tagged.

5. Call-to-Action Hashtag- For example, a healthcare organization may run #TalkAboutMentalHealth. Hence, people would feel as if they’re challenging the illness. This hashtag usually starts with either ‘talk’ or ‘share’.

And with that, you have come to the end of this brief introduction about Hashtag Marketing.

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