The Dawn of Marketing


All things start raw, and then with some refining and a few improvements aided by circumstance, they come to be as we know them today. Marketing (Traditional marketing) strategies have been implemented ever since the time of ancient civilizations; China is one of the most notable.

Back then, candy makers would often play a bamboo flute as a means to attract customers. Sounds similar? That’s because it is. Now, in the 21st century, ice cream trucks roam around playing music as a means to attract customers.

An ad for needles that read, “We buy high-quality steel rods and make fine-quality needles that are ready for use at home in no time”, is dated back to the Song dynasty (960-1279 CE). Concluding that concerns of any period are the same. Apart from the fact that patience has never been a human forte, people have always wanted high-quality products.

The advert even had a rabbit holding a needle for their logo. And more examples as such exist.

The usage of posters was quite common. Politicians would utilize this marketing tool for promotion’s sake. Others would apply this method when in search of something that is lost.

Greek Olympians and Roman gladiators would endorse particular products, just as athletes and celebrities do so today.

However, the absence of technology had limited the ancient ones from amassing a larger reach. Denying them triumphant endeavors. And so technological advancement is a key ingredient for progress.

But the truth is marketing (traditional marketing) hasn’t undergone a drastic evolutionary process. Just some refining, a few improvements that are aided by circumstance, and here we are.

And so the era of digital marketing has commenced. Now we can access greater heights like never before, thanks to the many different

platforms civilization has developed.

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