The Power of Digital Marketing


Guglielmo Marconi (inventor of the radio) received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895. January 13, 1910, was the first public radio broadcast, of a live opera at the MET. Thenceforth marketing had changed, having augmented. And so it has begun.

The use of electronic devices to market a product or service became standard, contrary to how it was. Such a power would not limit you to a local audience, but allow you access to an international one as well.

A marketing strategy of unlimited capacity. Enabling you to interact with your audience, all whilst granting them the liberty to choose how they want to receive your content. Could be through a post of some sort. Or perhaps if you’re not a reader, then something more convenient to you, such as a video.

Let’s not forget that it is substantially cheaper than traditional marketing. Bringing forth the opportunity for all firms to compete regardless of size.

Digital marketing is broken down into 2 segments. Online marketing, and offline marketing.

Online Marketing includes:

● Search Engine Marketing

● Search Engine Optimization

● Content Marketing

● Social Media Marketing

● Affiliate Marketing

● Email Marketing

● Pay-Per-click Marketing

Offline Marketing includes:

● Enhanced Offline Marketing

● Radio Marketing

● Television Marketing

● Phone Marketing

There is no denying that the magnitude of its importance. nor that of its power. Having the process of marketing; attaining many wonders.

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